Process Discovery

Understand your processes

Imagine that you want to analyze and check for improvements in your business. Example questions that may arise:

⤷What distinguishes closed from lost sales?
⤷What is the average time for a sale order processing?
⤷Is this time somehow correlated with sales closing?
⤷Where are potential pain points in your process?

One approach would be asking for people’s opinions. You will hear many different perspectives. However, more often than not, the fewer the facts, the stronger the opinion.

In Processifier, you can visualize your business process within seconds. The tool delivers swift and unbiased insights preventing you and your team from guessing.

Start from the facts.

Audit & compliance

(Conformance checking)

Easily create your own rules and spot non-conforming cases

Deviation from internal or regulatory procedures could result in severe financial and reputation losses. Let's assume that we want, e.g., to check if payment was double confirmed before release.

How can I do it efficiently and as quickly as possible? Processifier Conformance Checking module does it with almost one button. You will be able to immediately identify duplicating, skipping of specific activities, or execution of unplanned steps.

Process Monitoring

Be up to date with your business process.

Automate your daily reporting easily.

Processifier supports monitoring user-defined KPIs, a potential violation of SLA, shifts in business model, drop in efficiency, e.t.c.

You will be able to integrate process mining software with all your CRMs platforms, allowing you to spot every ongoing problem with your customer or production.